Department Details


The radiology department is equipped with modern medical imaging technology to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients. The department has digital X-Rays, USG, Colour Doppler, 2D ECHO, and CT scan, which enables our expert radiologists to obtain detailed images of different parts of the body.

Moreover, the department has a team of interventional radiologists who specialize in minimally invasive procedures. These procedures include USG and CT-guided FNAC/biopsies, and therapeutic procedures like catheterisation, PTBD, stenting, and PICC lines. Fluoroscopy-guided procedures are also performed.

Our radiology department is committed to providing the highest quality medical imaging services to our patients. We continuously invest in the latest technology and equipment like our CT Scan machine recently installed in Nov 2022 and have a team of experienced radiologists and technicians to ensure that our patients receive accurate diagnoses and timely treatment plans.