Department Details


The Department of Oncology is headed by the renowned Dr. Naresh Somani, a highly experienced and skilled practitioner in Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Hormonal therapy, Immunotherapy, Monoclonal antibodies. We also treat paediatric cancers which are highly curable like blood cancers (ALL, AML), lymphomas, bone tumours, etc.

The hospital's surgical oncology department is capable of performing a plethora of complex onco-surgeries like MRM, Commando surgeries for head and neck cancer, all abdominal and Gynaecology surgeries, etc. The hospital's medical oncology department includes specially trained nursing staff that assists in the administration of chemotherapy via central catheters and ports as well. Facilities are available to undertake outpatients' chemotherapy in specialized day-care wards and for indoor patients in inpatient wards and rooms.

Dr. Somani also runs several clinical trials and research-based new treatments for those patients where routine and standard cancer treatment have failed.

Procedures performed in Somani Hospital for diagnosing and treating cancer patients are as follows:

  1. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  2. USG or CT-guided biopsy/ FNAC from any lump or mass
  3. Samples are collected for further diagnostic investigations like histopathology, Immunohistochemistry/cancer marker study, next generation sequencing/molecular study.
  4. CSF cytology
  5. Intrathecal chemotherapy